My name is Arvin and I've been doing everything I can to earn the right to call myself a photographer since 2007.

While my work might not be known worldwide (...yet...) I've found a love in photography that I dont think will easily shake off. Believe me, I've tried for the last ten years.

I've worked in both Digital and Analog mediums throughout my photographic journey while shooting everything from Weddings to Surrealist Portraiture. While both my style and subjects have changed and evolved over the years;  it wasn't until the last few years I've started to form an idea of what I want my photography to be centered around: Telling the story of remarkable people doing things they are passionate about.

So, while this could mean documenting my own travels around the globe, or catching the lead singer shaking thesweat off his brow during a guitar solo, or photographing a gut twistingly surreal portrait to break a 4 minute song into a single photo, the goal remains the same:  

Preserve 1/250th second slice of the time I looked out to the Atlantic from Europe's most westward point. Paint a construction of the lyrics on C-41 negative film. Freeze the crescendo of a guitar-laden chorus as light pours from the stage.   Do this, and tell that moment's story.

Arvin Louise Agtarap
Photographer, Videographer, Traveller.